South Africa to Launch Three New Renewable Energy Rounds

South Africa is introducing three new renewable procurement rounds totaling 6,800MW throughout 2021, as well as three new coal, gas and storage rounds totaling 5,000MW.

Announced at a three-day meeting of the African National Congress (ANC), the rounds are expected to increase renewable penetration in the market and boost electricity supply, with a view to achieving long-term energy security.  

The ANC is set to launch the first renewables round for 2,600MW of wind and solar in January or February; the second round for 2,600MW in August; and the third round for 1,600MW in January or February 2022. What’s more, a procurement round constituting 500MW of energy storage is anticipated to start this September, with two rounds for 1,500MW of coal and 3,000MW of gas anticipated for December.

In addition to boosting renewables’ contribution to the national grid – a particularly important task considering the country’s current electricity outages – the rounds will aid in South Africa’s energy transition to cleaner fuels. The rounds are also in line with the country’s Integrated Resource Plan, a government initiative providing for increased renewable development in the national energy mix.

Source : Africa Oil & Power

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